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Pallet Jack

Pallet jacks provide leverage to help you lift heavy pallets full of inventory or materials in a warehouse, on a loading dock or at the job site. Pallet jacks offer sturdy steel construction and often feature cushion grip handles for comfort.

Rental Rates:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p-Mon. 9a) - $40

Patio Heater

Enjoy your outdoor space even during colder months with this durable and powerful patio heater. This stainless steel Liquid Propane Patio Heater can heat an area of up to 200 Sq. Ft., maintaining comfortable warmth to a large crowd at your patio. 48,000 BTU burner heats up to 200 sq. ft. using a 20-lb standard propane tank. Piezoelectric ignition to quick, easy starts 3 seconds quick light up.

Rental Rates:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p-Mon. 9a) - $50

Paver Saw

EDCO Electric Masonry Block Saw 1.5HP-1P 22300 is 14" capacity block and masonry saw with single phase input. A masonry block saw this size can do some serious work on your next job.

  • Rolling table will accommodate 16" blocks

  • Portable model with 14inch blade capacity

  • Rounded blade guard with splash proof protection

  • Adjustable cutting head can be used manually or locked in a fixed position

  • Quick adjusting heavy-duty bearing assemblies for easy blade alignment

Rental Rates:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p-Mon. 9a) - $85

Paver Saw

Demonstration Video

Piano Dolly

It doesn't get much easier than this! Moves upright pianos, organs, chest freezers, large boxes, etc. Simply slide base plate of each dolly under either end and raise the lifting lever. Handles can be lowered for passage through narrow doorways if necessary. Rubber and felt cushioning protects against marring. Swivel casters retract allowing load to rest on own weight and avoid shifting during transport. The lifting capacity is 1,000Lbs. Dimensions: 32" High x 23" Wide; 4" x 23" Wide Angle Base

Rental Rates:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p-Mon. 9a) - $48

Plasma Cutter

If you are considering renting a plasma cutter, it’s probably because you’re doing metal fab or working on a car and you want a really easy way to cut different types of metal. A plasma cutter can slice through any conductive metal like steel, aluminum, or stainless. Plus, you will have nice clean cuts, even if rusty. Our Plasma cutter handles metals up to 1/8” thick. (110 VOLT, 20 AMP)

Rental Rates:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p-Mon. 9a) - $70

Pneumatic Nailers

Pneumatic nailers (or nail guns) come in a variety of designs to accommodate various projects, and they are powerful enough to drive nails through various types of wood. They are easy to use because they are powered by air compression. Although these devices can make a quick job of home improvement projects, such as hardwood floor installations, they are expensive, and it often makes sense to rent rather than purchase them.

Rental Rate - 25 hr or Weekend (Fri. 4p-Mon. 9a):

     $15 to $35 depending on the type of nailer

Pneumatic Nailer

Safety Sheet

Installing a Solid

Hardwood Floor Video

Pole Saw

Long reach pole saws provide a quick and safe option for trimming those high tree branches! Our pole saws range from 14ft to 16ft.

Rental Rates Starting At:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p-Mon. 9a) - $50 to $70

Pole Saw

Demonstration Video

Porta-Crane / Engine Hoist

We have several porta cranes or engine hoists available in various sizes.

Rental Rates Starting At:

     5 hrs. - $34

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p-Mon. 9a) - $48

Post Driver - Gas Powered

Powerful and portable post driver. Powered by Honda GX35, 1.3hp engine. The 3 ¼” heavy duty steel barrel drives posts up to 3⅛” diameter. Includes a 2” adapter sleeve for driving posts, rods, stakes or rebar that are up to 1⅞” diameter. Used for driving heavy duty line posts. This post driver is 100% self-contained, easy to lift, move, and carry down the fence line. No hoses or compressors. Drives posts in half the time of a manual driver.

Rental Rates Starting At:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p-Mon. 9a) - $70

Posthole Diggers

Post hole diggers are ideal for installing fence posts, decks, planting trees and shrubs, ice fishing, and more.

One-man post hole digger:

Rental Rate:

     5 hrs. - $70

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p-Mon. 9a) - $100

Posthole Digger

Demonstration Video

One-man hydraulic post hole digger:

Hydraulic Post Hole Digger, the HD99 is designed to take the load off of the operator by being almost perfectly balanced with an 8-inch auger attached, and the right angle design eliminates torque to the operator. There are also 3 handlebar positions that allow for normal drilling, as well as close up drilling next to an obstacle such as a wall or fence. The drilling head also pivots from side to side for drilling on uneven terrain.

Rental Rate:

     5 hrs. - $85

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p-Mon. 9a) - $115

Two-man post hole digger:

Rental Rate:

     5 hrs. - $70

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p-Mon. 9a) - $100

Pressure Washers

A cleaning project doesn't have to be a mammoth-sized job. Pressure washing effectively cleans a variety of surfaces in a fraction of the time manual scrubbing can.

• 2500 psi washers are good for cleaning wood decks and vinyl siding

• 3000 to 3500 psi washers are good for cleaning concrete, removing paint, and reaching high areas

• 4000 psi washers just do the same jobs quicker

Rental Rates:

• 2500 psi pressure washers

     5 hrs. - $50 / 25 hrs. or Weekend - $65

• 3000 psi pressure washers

     5 hrs. - $60 / 25 hrs. or Weekend - $70

• 3500 psi pressure washers

     5 hrs. - $60 / 25 hrs. or Weekend - $75

• 3500 psi hot water pressure washers

     25 hrs. or Weekend - $160

• 4000 psi pressure washers

     5 hrs. - $75 / 25 hrs. or Weekend - $90

• 24-foot center wand

     5 hrs. - $16 / 25 hrs. or Weekend - $28

• hydroscrub

     25 hrs. or weekend - $45

Pressure Washer Sand Blast Kit

Our wet sand blast kit comes complete with its own gun, wand, and everything you need to "plug-and-play" into your pressure washer.  Works best with 3000 PSI @ 4 GPM or more.  Turn your pressure washer into a sand blaster in seconds.

Rental Rates:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $20

Sand Blast Kit

Demonstration Video


Sump Pump - electronic 3/4" to 2" - 600 to 5,000 - 9ph

3" Trash Pump - gas - 21,000

Centrifugal Pump - gas 2" to 3" - 8,000 to 15,000 - 6ph

4" Trash Pump - gas - 2600 - 9ph

All Pumps 2" and larger come with 1 suction hose with filter and one discharge hose

Rental Rates:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p-Mon. 9a) -

       Pumps range in price from $20 to $105


Scaffolding can help reach difficult places when working in elevated areas for your various home improvement projects or for your small business needs.

Transportation Requirements - An open bed truck or trailer is required.

Rental Rates:

     First day - $7

     Each day following - $3


Demonstration Video

Scissor Lift

Scissor Lifts are ideal for interior or exterior applications where ample working space and lifting capacity is needed, and maneuverability is essential. They are suitable for movement over smooth or solid slab work surfaces. Electric Scissor Lifts are environmentally friendly, with low noise levels and no hazardous emissions, and some models are equipped with non-marking tires.

Rental Rates:

     1 Day - $120

     1 Week - $360

     4 Weeks - $1080

Sod Cutter

Bluebird SC18 Sod Cutter

Where there is turf to remove BlueBird’s Sod Cutter will cut up the competition. An exclusive four-wheel drive transmission, a low center of gravity, and an anti-vibration folding handle make the SC18 the smoothest and most stable sod cutter on the market. With its many user friendly features, including easy blade engagement, a depth adjustment knob and simplified gear controls, the SC18 is the easiest to operate and most productive sod cutter.

• Engine - 5.5 HP Honda oil bath w/centrifical clutch

• Transmission - 4 - forward speeds including 2 cutting speeds plus power reverse

• 4-wheel drive and a low center of gravity allow users to easily cut on slopes or load the SC18 onto ramps.

• Cut Depth Up to 2 1/2˝ inches (6cm)

• Blade Width 18˝ (46cm)

Rental Rates:

     5 hrs. - $90

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $130

Using a Sod Cutter

Instructional Video

Soil Pipe Cutter

Designed to cut soil pipes quickly and easily, the RIDGID 32900 Soil Pipe Cutter has a large chain ideal for heavy-duty jobs. The versatile chain pipe cutter cuts cast-iron soil pipe as well as concrete and clay pipe. Its larger chain can also cut 4-inch class 22 water main and 2-inch to 5-inch extra heavy-duty soil pipe. The tool features an integral ratchet handle centered on the pipe, useful when cutting pipe in trenches to help keep the trench width to a minimum.

Rental Rate:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $40


The Baby-Hop ground driven fertilizer spreader is designed and sized for small tractors and ATV's. They are ideal for gardens, greenhouses, nurseries, athletic fields, etc. Row or broadcast spreading may be obtained by simply moving a single lever and the same lever can be used to obtain a predominant right or left swath spread pattern. The Baby-Hop can come handy also during the winter months to spread salt on snow or ice covered roads.

Rental Rate:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $50

Straw Blower

Fast, accurate application will cut your mulching time up to 75%. Produces a more even layer of mulch faster and more efficiently than traditional mulching methods.

• Automatic bale feed processes entire bale. No more slab feeding

• 1-1/2 bales per minute output

• 13hp Honda Engine

• Weights 460 lbs

• 1 to 1 1/2 Bales/Minute

• 16" Rotor

• 18" Blower

• 32 Knives

• 45-50 ft Power Discharge

Rental Rates:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $140

Straw Blower

Demonstration Video

Stump Grinders

Stump Grinders are ideal for grinding away tree stumps, providing fast, easy operation for both do-it-yourselfers and tree professionals.

Rental Rates: (27 hp model)

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a)

          with 8 hrs. on the meter - $255

Stump Grinder

Demonstration Video

Rental Rates: (31 hp model)

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a)

          with 8 hrs. on the meter - $255


These rammers are designed for the compaction of cohesive, mixed and granular soils in confined areas. Ideally suited for compaction of backfill around foundations and forms, subgrades underneath footings and base preparation for concrete work such as slabs, curbs and gutters. Also useful for various utility and municipality related job sites for compaction over pipelines, gas and cable trenches and base preparation for patching of streets and sidewalks

Rental Rates for Ram-type tampers:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $86-100

Rental Rates for Plate tampers:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $86-$95

Plate Tamper

Demonstration Video

Tile Saw

This MK-212 Professional Tile and Stone Saw is built rugged and portable for use on any jobsite. The powerful 2 Hp direct drive motor is fully enclosed for greater protection. The adjustable built-in miter system allows cuts at all angles from 45° to 90°. The plunge cutting head has a pivoting blade guard for easy blade changes.

Rental Rates for Tile Saw with stand,

   pump, & diamond blade:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $50-85

Tile Saw

Demonstration Video


Rear Tine Tiller - 9 or 13 HP Hydraulic

The blades, or tines, are in the back and the engine is in the front. This type is bigger, heavier and more powerful than front-tine tillers. If you're turning a patch of lawn into a flower bed, this is the kind of tiller to use. The rear tine tillers will really dig into the ground.

Rental Rates for 9 HP:

     5 hrs. - $85

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $120

Rental Rates for 13 HP:

     5 hrs. - $92

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $130

Rear Tine Tiller



Mid Tine Tiller - 5 HP

You want to enjoy the bounty of a rich, healthy garden but you want to do it without the back-breaking hard labor. Tillers make the preparation for gardening easier and even more fun than ever. It does so many things around the yard and garden that you’ll be amazed that you've never rented one before. The blades, or tines, are in the front of this machine. This type is good for weeding between rows or for lighter jobs.

Rental Rates:

     5 hrs. - $50

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $67

Mannis Tiller

Lightweight, but powerful enough to till through sod and compact soil. The unique, patented serpentine tines turn soil into a fine texture, ready for planting. At 20 pounds, it's easy to carry - to the shed, to the car, or to your garden! Great for senior and urban, small space gardeners.

Rental Rates:

     5 hrs. - $38

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $48

Toe-Kick Saw

This 1 HP 3-3/8 in. blade toe-kick saw makes flush cuts in toe-kick panels so you don't have to move cabinets in order to remove the flooring underneath. The saw has a dual handle to provide steady control and features an automatic guard return. The blade is carbide tipped for easy and precise cutting. It has four cutting depth positions: 1/4 in, 3/8 in, 5/8 in, 3/4 in., an automatic guard return, and a trigger switch with safety button.

Rental Rates:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $33

Tow Dolly

Bring your Vehicle along without having the headache of a full-sized trailer. Introducing the Stand-Up EZ Haul Tow Dolly! Designed for a range of vehicles from Mini Coopers to 80" wide Trucks or SUVs. The Stand-Up EZ Haul unit weighs only 330 Pounds with a total maximum load capacity of 5000 pounds. Equipped with 2 removable adjustable ramps for ease of use.

Rental Rates:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $70


John Deer Tractor

Hydrostatic Drive with Front End Loader

Rental Rates:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a)

          with 8 hrs. on the meter- $325

     Trailer - $42 (truck with 2" ball hitch rated at

          5,000 lbs. required)

Optional Rentals:

     5-foot Bush Hog - $130

     5-foot Box Scraper - $80

     4-foot Tiller - $125

     Post Hole Attachment (8" or 12" Augar) - $90

Tractor with Post Hole Attachment Video

Transmission Jack

The Westward® heavy-duty hydraulic transmission jack is designed for lifting and lowering of transmissions and differentials from various vehicles. Strong reinforced steel construction with flanged side frames provide extra strength. Flexible saddles have both side and tilting angle adjustments to accommodate different shapes and sizes of transmissions and differentials. Fully-adjustable tilting heads. Load restraining chains help to assure the user’s safety when lifting and lowering load. Four casters allow easy movement and easy positioning of transmission jack. Metered release valve assures precise adjustment of cradle height and smooth lowering of load.

2000 Lb. Lifting Capacity , 33-1/2 In. Lifting Height Max.

Rental Rates:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $70


Ditch Witch Trencher (Pictured Top)

• Unique, greasable bronze pivot bushing increases reliability.

• Quiet, fuel-efficient Honda overhead-valve gasoline engine provides plenty of trenching power.

• Accepts multiple sizes and types of trencher chains, from standard cup-tooth to maximum-strength Shark Chain II.

At only 32" (813 mm) wide, the Ditch Witch 1030 walk-behind compact trencher can go anywhere and dig in any type of dirt, thanks to the variety of digging chains it can run, including the patented, super-durable Shark Chain II trencher chain. It doesn't mess around, with a digging chain speed of 276 fpm (84 m/min). The Ditch Witch models 1030 and 1330 both dig 4" wide trenches and model RT12 digs 6" wide trenches. Let us help you determine which model will work best for your job.

Rental Rates - We Have 5 Models Starting At:

     5 hrs. - $125

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a)

          with 8 hrs. on the meter - $185

Ditch Witch Trencher

Instructional Video

Troweling Machine

Make Concrete Finishing easy - A Troweling machine is a motorized device used to spread concrete by operating orbiting steel trowels on radial arms rotated on a vertical shaft.

Rental Rates:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $90

Troweling Machine

Demonstration Video

Wallpaper Removal Steamer

To make stripping wallpaper an easier chore, rent an electric wallpaper steamer. The only additional tool needed is a wide manual putty knife or stripping tool.

Rental Rates:

     25 hours or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $39

Wallpaper Steamer

 Instructional Video

Weed Mower

The Billy Goat high speed weed mower is 13 hp with a 26" cut. Weed mowers are capable of cutting over 57% more grass than 21” mowers in the same time. Due to their compact size they are highly maneuverable and are shorter than most 21" mowers.

Rental Rates:

     5 hrs. - $75

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $95

Weed Mower

 Demonstration Video

A Brush Cutter is designed to cut tough overgrown brush, is ideal for cleaning meadows and fields or cutting paths and trails – wherever dense brush and weeds present a cleanup challenge. The Brush Cutter will cut up to 2 1/4 " saplings.

Rental Rate:

     5 hrs - $85

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $120


Welders are complete all-in-one welding systems that feature built-in or separate wire feeders. We have a variety of welders which can accommodate a wide range of welding applications.

Rental Rates: 25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a)

     MIG Welder - $41

     TIG Welder - $70

     Welder (225 Amp Gas) - $118

Mig Welder

 Demonstration Video

Wire-Cable Installer

Wire-cable installers install invisible dog fence or low voltage wire at up to 25' per minute. This unit digs the trench, lays the wire, and covers the trench all in the same pass.

Rental Rates:

     5 hrs. - $64

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $83

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