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The most maneuverable and precise bed edger / trencher on the market. Caster steering makes cutting graceful curves easy and allows a turning radius of less than two feet The patented blade design will cut harder soils, pulverize the cuttings, and bevel the bed edge to the foliage while cutting a clean well-defined vertical border. Its unique design also augers soil towards the center of the bed out of the trench. You can create a beautiful raised bed in minutes.

Rental Rate:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $88


Instructional Video

Electric Chipping Hammer

Chipping Hammers are utilized for many light demolition applications, including scaling, chiseling, removal of concrete buildup from surfaces, and form stripping. They feature a compact design with D-style handle, making them ideal for working in tight spaces.

Rental Rate:

     5 hrs - $48

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $65

The Bosch Chipper Hammer delivers 22 ft.-lbs. of impact energy for the best material removal rate in class, impressive for a tool that weighs just 38 lbs. Providing 1,300 BPM, this 15.0-AMP tool has all-metal housing, metal tube and case, and it can handle heavy-duty applications such as outdoor asphalt work or indoor foundation removal. It has a Vibration Control™ system, which includes a longer air cushion in the hammer mechanism and a shock-reducing top handle.

Rental Rate:

     5 hrs. - $50

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $68

Electric Jack Hammer

Best in class anti-vibration system-Active vibration control in the hammer mechanism for improved comfort in all day demolition applications.

- Anti Slip Rubber Cover-Helps prevent tool from accidental fall over

- Ergonomic Handle Design-Ergonomic design for improved comfort when handling the tool in all day applications

- Shock Absorbing Handles-Further reduces vibration levels to the operator

- Hammer Tube Design-Hammer Tube Flutes help dissipate heat, extending tool life

- Reinforced Hammer Tube Collar / Springs-Maximizes tool holder lifetime by reducing the hammer's impact from blank beats

- The plug-in anywhere hammer — Does not need a compressor

- Total Portability-Operates on 115 / 120v AC/DC

Rental Rate:

     5 hrs. - $68

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $90

Electric Jack Hammer

Instructional Video

Electric Rotary Hammer

Rotary Hammers (or Roto-Hammers) are basically hammer-drills on steroids. Though rotary hammers work in the same “rotate-and-hammer” manner as hammer drills, they are much more powerful. They use a piston mechanism to provide the hammer action, allowing them to deliver a much more powerful blow. Rotary hammers are good for heavy concrete drilling, specifically for deep holes and those larger than 3/8” diameter.

Rental Rate:

     5 hrs. - $46

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $68

Rotary Hammer vs.

Hammer Drill


The Bobcat® E26 compact excavator (mini excavator) features minimal tail swing to reduce the risk of damage to the machine and surrounding objects. With its compact size and excellent flotation, the Tier 4-compliant E26 easily maneuvers established lawns, crowded job sites and sensitive surfaces.

Rental Rate:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $285

     with 8 hrs. on the meter

Excavator - Bobcat E-26

Demonstration Video

Fan - High Velocity 63" Drum Fan

This powerful 63" commercial drum fan is great for commercial and residential areas. Easily air out or dry work spaces to get your job done more quickly. This fan is perfect for moving large volumes of air indoors and out.

Rental Rate:

     1 Day - $56

     1 Week - $210

Floor/Carpet Blower

Compact light weight design for drying carpets, hard surface floors, walls, ceilings, or for general air circulation.


- Carpets after extraction

- Hard floors after stripping

- Flooded areas

- Upholstery/ carpeted walls after extraction

- Fresh paint

Rental Rate:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $28

Floor Coating Remover - Diamabrush™

The Diamabrush™ Mastic Removal Tool is designed to remove stubborn coatings from concrete flooring such as mastic, carpet or tile adhesive, thin-set and thin mil coatings like urethane or paint. No need to waste time and money on heavy grinding equipment or harmful chemicals. This diverse tool, which mounts to any standard floor buffer or auto scrubber, uses diamond coated blades to grind tough coatings away!

Rental Rates:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $100


For Concrete

Demonstration Video

Floor Machine

Floor machines provide hard floor care and carpet cleaning systems in one machine stripping, scrubbing, sanding, scraping, grinding, shampooing, encapsulation cleaning, and bonnet cleaning. You won't find a more versatile machine.

Rental Rates (25 hrs. or weekend):

     13" Floor Machine - $50

     17" Floor Machine - $58

     20" Floor Machine - $66

     20" High Speed Burnisher - $66

Floor Scrubber Vacuum

The Clarke Vantage is a 20 inch walk behind floor scrubber. Clarke Vantage scrubbers can be used in places such as restaurants, bakeries, offices, small out-patient health facilities, and other locations for big clean up jobs. A 20 inch cleaning path is large enough to get the job done but small enough to fit into tight spots.

Rental Rate:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $150

Floor Sanders

Drum Sander:

A drum sander is a powerful tool with replaceable abrasive sheets that sand wood flooring to a smooth, dazzling finish.

Rental Rate:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $60

Sanding a

Hardwood Floor

Floor Sander

Instructional Video

Finish Sander:

A finishing sander is the perfect choice for fine sanding large surfaces. Typical applications include intermediate sanding of varnished doors, leveling large surfaces, and fine sanding of delicate areas.

Rental Rate:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $60

Edge Sander:

The edger is basically a sanding disc mounted on a big, powerful motor. You’ll be tempted to edge with your belt sander, but even the biggest belt sander can’t cut half as fast as an edger.

Rental Rate:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $44

Floor Stripper

The Edco electric floor stripper has a single, razor-sharp blade that oscillates to quickly and safely removes virtually any kind of floor covering. This stripper is easy to operate, and can be mastered by a beginner in just minutes. Simply plug it in and turn it on. No strenuous effort is required. "The Stripper does the work." Just raise the wheels slightly off the floor. No hard pushing. The action created by the machine goes to the blade on the floor, not to you!

Rental Rate:

     5 hrs. - $65

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p-Mon. 9a) - $90

Floor Stripper

Demonstration Video

Floor Tile Breaker

Eddy Tile Breaker is a portable tool ideal for breaking and removing ceramic and porcelain tiles and mortar. This ergonomic tool is designed to reduce physical efforts and prevent injuries thus improving health and safety of the workers in construction industry. An electric actuator is used to change the chisel attack angle while the handle height and position are fixed. This provides a comfortable working position for the operator in both removing tiles in lower chisel attack angles and removing mortar in higher chisel attack angles. It only weighs 65 lbs. and when the handle is folded down its height is only 25 in.

Rental Rate:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $90

Floor Tile Breaker

Demonstration Video

Flooring Cutter - Engineered & Laminate Flooring

Having the right tool for for the job is more than half the battle. There are a number of ways you can go about cutting laminate floor pieces to the correct size for your project, however the best way to cut laminate flooring is with a good old cutter. Nothing is as clean and hassle free. Laminate is a man made material constructed using glues and resins that will destroy the edges of normal blades. A cutter specifically designed to tolerate the material will stay sharp for longer. Just line up your laminate and pull down on the handle.

Rental Rates Starting At:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $25

Flooring Cutter

Demonstration Video


Gas Portable Generators are ideal for powering most standard 120/240V power tools, lighting equipment, fans, and blowers, etc. Roll cage steel frames and shock mounting help ensure on-the-job performance. We have generators available in several sizes ranging from 3500 watt to 10,000 watt.

Rental Rates Starting At:

     25 hrs. - $55

Hedge Clipper - Gas Powered

Consumers are often faced with the decision to either select a gas powered trimmer or an electric powered trimmer. Although both trimmers have been known to deliver quality cutting results, gas trimmers are often a more popular choice than electric trimmers.

A major notable advantage of a gas powered hedge trimmer is substantial power.

Gas powered hedge trimmers provide the same muscle and power as a corded model without the cord. The extra power adds up to a more free range of movement because it will cut through almost any bush that is in its path allowing for a clean and even trim.

Rental Rate:

     5 hrs. - $42

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p-Mon. 9a) - $60

Hydrostatic Test Pump

A large volume, medium pressure test pump. Pressure feed tank assembly provides easy access for chemical treatment of water lines and test environment. The wheel and handle assembly makes this test pump truly portable and easy to maneuver.

Rental Rates Starting At:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p-Mon. 9a) - $150


Extension Ladder:

Our inventory of ladders equipment is flexible enough to provide rental solutions for all types of elevated work.

Transportation Requirements - Make sure your vehicle can transport an object 10' to 20' (depending on the size of the ladder you are getting). Also make sure you have a way to safely fasten the ladder to your vehicle (such as ratchet straps).

NOTE: The actual usable length of the ladders is about 3' less than what it is rated at (ex. a 20' ladder actually will get you about 17' up)

Rental Rate - 25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p-Mon. 9a):

     20' - $21

     24' - $25

     32' - $40

     40' - $48

Ladder Length


Ladder Safety &

Instructional Video

Rental Rate - 25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p-Mon. 9a):

       6' -   $9.50

       8' - $12.50

     10' - $26

     12' - $34

     14' - $50

     16' - $55

Step Ladder:

We have a variety of sizes of step ladders available for all of your home improvement projects.

Transportation Requirements - Make sure your vehicle can transport an object 8' to 14' (depending on the size of the ladder you are getting). Also make sure you have a way to safely fasten the ladder to your vehicle (such as ratchet straps).


Ladder Hoist

TranzSporter Ladder Hoist - 27 ft. - 200 LB. capacity - 5 HP Honda Engine

• Non-slip carriage deck

• Heavy duty steel frame

• Spring loaded safety latch, to hold carriage when transporting

• Multi-purpose bracket to hoist plywood or rolled goods included

• Wide Foot Plate, better control

• Permanent safety information

• Large steel foot pads, better stability

• Strong, lightweight aluminum track sections

• Versatile brake handle attaches to either side

• Dual Brake System, smoother stops

• Steel belt guard for safety

• Lift up to 44 feet with additional track sections and support braces purchased separately

Rental Rate:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $135


Instructional Video

Lawn Aerator

The Bluebird 742 Lawn Aerator The 742 offers the highest productivity in the market. A 4 HP Honda engine with a synchronized clutching system allows for smooth starts, while the 742's rugged design provides low maintenance and outstanding durability for profitable operation. The patented free-wheeling outer tine system provides unparalleled maneuverability and minimal turf damage around corners and in tight areas. Removable side weights offer optimal soil penetration and balance for easier slope aeration.

Rental Rates:

     5 hrs. - $65

     25 hrs. - $80

     Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $160

Lawn Aerator

Instructional Video

Lawn Dethatcher

Thatch is an accumulation of roots, crowns and grass clippings that creates a dense mat of vegetation at the root level of your lawn.  When thatch build up becomes greater than ½”, it creates a barrier and prevents vital nutrients, water and air from penetrating the soil, and inhibiting your lawns ability to fight off disease and dehydration.  Using a dethatcher removes unwanted thatch from your lawn.  The best time to use a dethatcher is in the early spring or late fall, this gives your lawn a chance to recover after using the dethatcher.

Rental Rates:

  Without bag:

     5 hrs. - $50

     25 hrs. - $68

  With bag:

     5 hrs. - $60

     25 hrs. - $75

Lawn Dethatcher

Instructional Video

Lawn Roller

Lawn Rollers smooth uneven ground and pack down sod or seed to adhere to the soil for stronger roots and new growth. We have a variety of rollers in varying dimensions available in poly and steel.

Rental Rate:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p-Mon. 9a) - $23 and up

Leaf Blower - Backpack

This Makita Backpack Blower combines a cleaner-burning 4-stroke engine with longer run time and quieter operation. The cleaner-burning, fuel-efficient BBX7600N is a true step-up from older 2-stroke motors. The 4-stroke engine requires no fuel mix and will deliver up to 80 minutes of continuous operation on a 64 oz. fuel tank. The blower has a maximum air speed of 195 mph. The BBX7600N is compact with less weight (only 22.6 lbs.) with wide padded straps and padded back panel for operator comfort. The handle-grip is located on the blower tube with a 4” adjustable position for easier control. In addition, the large capacity muffler ensures quiet operation.

Rental Rate:

     5 hrs. - $30

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p-Mon. 9a) - $36

Limb Chipper

The Carlton 660 Limb Chipper is the perfect choice when a powerful, ultra-compact machine is needed. The 660’s compact size and weight allow it to be maneuvered right to the work site. The unit’s powerful feed system and 27 horsepower engine provide the muscle to get the job done.

• Ultra Compact Size - The 660 can be towed by compact trucks and sport utility    vehicles

• Simple Operation - Users can be trained in a matter of minutes

• Ball Coupler with Coiled Safety Cables - Makes hook up quick and easy

• Full Size 14" Tires and 2000-Pound Axle - Minimize road damage and allow highway    speeds

• Digital Auto-feed - Controls the feed based on engine speed, helping to prevent    overfeeding

• Large Folding In-feed Table - Distances the operator from the feed wheel

• Double Edged Knives - Easily flipped to provide a second cutting edge when needed

Rental Rates:

3" Limb Chipper

     5 hrs. - $160

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a)

       with 8 hrs. on the meter - $185

6" Limb Chipper

     5 hrs. - $190

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a)

       with 8 hrs. on the meter - $260

Limb Chipper

Instructional Video


Loaders are used to scoop up and move asphalt, debris, dirt, feed, gravel, sand, or other loose material. A loader is one of the most popular pieces of construction equipment. Due to the versatility of the skid steer, it is a small workhorse on any job site. It is very maneuverable and easy to operate making it the number one choice for contractors, landscapers, and homeowners.

Rental Rates:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $200

       with 10 hrs. on meter

Log Splitter

Vertical log splitters are better if you're splitting large logs as you won't have to struggle to lift them onto the splitter beam. Just push them under the wedge and watch your firewood supply multiply.

Rental Rates:

     5 hrs. - $70

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $90

Magnetic Drill

This combination unit features the 4203 adjustable position, variable speed base and the 1 1/4in. drill motor. The electromagnetic variable speed adjustable base features solid state electronic switching and an 11 in. drill travel. Adjustable positioning on this base makes lining up the bit easier and faster. All you need is a bit and you are ready to drill into any ferrous material 1/2 in. and thicker.

Rental Rates:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $85

Magnetic Sweeper

Provides easy cleanup and recycling of nails, screws, and other metal objects over shop floors, carpet, and grass.

Rental Rates:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $30

Man Lift

The Genie® AWP®-20S Super Series aerial work platform boasts ease of use, convenience and flexibility thanks to its lightweight maneuverability and durable design. This model is ideal for use in a variety of light-duty construction and maintenance applications in schools, churches, warehouses and more.

- Max working height - 24 ft.

- Capacity - 350 lb.

- Reversible forks. Forks are 26" Long

- Stowed height - 6 ft 6 in

- Machine width - 2 ft 5 in

Rental Rates:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $130

Metal Detector

Metal detectors are used to find coins, jewelry and other valuable items.

They have an antenna or search coil that can detect metal. If you find something made of metal the detector will make an audible sound to alert you. You may not get rich searching with a metal detector, but it is a fun hobby.

Rental Rates:

  Several sizes starting at:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $40

Metal Detector

Demonstration Video

Mini Skid Steer Loader

Mini Skid Steer Loaders will help make you more productive, job after job. The array of specialized attachments makes mini skid-steers highly-maneuverable mobile tool carriers, allowing one machine to handle a variety of tasks.

Although mini skid steers are much smaller than conventional skid steer loaders, these little machines have tremendous hydraulic power. They can work in extremely small areas. A rental customer can take out a mini skid steer and a few attachments and have everything needed to do a multitude of jobs.

Rental Rates:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a)

       with 8 hrs. on the meter - $200

This Auger attachment is suitable for lighter duty applications using single flight augers. These drive units produce high torque at low speeds and offer reverse rotation for cleaning of the bit.

• Drills vertical or angled holes

• Self-centering

• Reverse rotation

Rental Rates (25 hrs. or Weekend):

     9" or 12" Auger attachment - $125

     24" Auger attachment - $175

Auger Attachment

Demonstration Video

The Brush Cutter attachment can access, mow, and clear areas where larger machines just can't reach. Take your brush clearing operations to the next level with a powerful mini brush mower attachment. Clear around trails and roadways, take down overgrown areas, and enjoy access to tighter areas previously inaccessible.

Rental Rates for Brush Cutter attachment:

     25 hrs. or Weekend - $200

Brush Cutter Attachment

Demonstration Video

The Grapple Rake attachment is a versatile tool for handling debris including logs, brush, rock, and concrete.

• Curved teeth allow the grapple to glide over the ground, raking and cleaning the surface without damaging it

• Clear brush, pick rocks, and mulch

• Raking and piling, storm cleanup, demolition

• Grapple encloses entirely and secures debris

Rental Rates for Grapple Rake attachment:

     25 hrs. or Weekend - $100

Grapple Rake Attachment

Demonstration Video

This Trencher attachment is a must for anyone looking to dig trench lines, drainage lines, and more. Experience reliable trenching power, saving hours of time and labor. Dig cleanly and accurately and complete jobs with maximum efficiency. Trencher attachment digs 6" wide and 36" deep getting about 500 feet per hr.

Rental Rates for Trencher attachment:

     5 hrs. - $130

     25 hrs. or Weekend - $185

Trencher Attachment

Demonstration Video

Mobile Home Anchoring Machine

The electric anchor drive machine from Tie Down is designed to efficiently screw both eye anchors and manufactured home anchors into the ground. It features a 1/2 HP, 115V 8.8 Amp electric motor (18 RPM) which provides 1245 in.-lbs. of torque. It also includes

both an eye anchor drive adapter and manufactured home anchor drive adapter.

Rental Rates:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $70

Mortar Mixer

This 8 cu. ft., 3 bag capacity - HIGH DUMP MIXER will make your DIY project go much faster. It features a front post hand clutch, extendible axle (34" to 46"), rubber blades, safety chain, and a Honda 8hp engine.

Rental Rates:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $90

Ozone Generator

The Original Odorfree – over 20 Years in The Ozone Industry – “Our Mission is to Eliminate the Source of the Odor in Each Location.” The OdorFree takes normal Oxygen (O2) and converts it to Ozone (O3) which fills every cubic inch in the space. Ozone is a powerful oxidizer that breaks apart odor molecules and kills microorganisms. The EPA, FDA, and the American Lung Association recommend that ozone only be used in unoccupied spaces. Wait at least two hours before reoccupying the space. It features a convenient 1 to 12 hour timer comes complete with plates and filter.

Rental Rates:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p-Mon. 9a) - $40 to $45

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