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Air Compressors

Gas Air Compressor

- 5-HP Gasoline powered Honda engine

- 125 PSI

- 8 gallon tank

- 10 CFM disp

- Includes pressure regulator and gauge

Rental Rate Starting At:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $60

Diesel Air Compressor - 185 CFM

- Ingersoll Rand Platinum Series Air Compressor

- 80 – 125 PSI

- John Deere/4024T Engine

Rental Rate:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a)

     with 8 hrs. on the meter - $185

Aluminum Siding Brake

This Aluminum Siding Brake is perfect for doing small projects and maintenance work. This lightweight brake requires little setup or maintenance and is perfect for contractors who are constantly on the go. It is versatile, portable and affordable. It bends up to 130 degrees with ease and offers a 13” throat depth, a material stop for repeat bends, a unique toggle-lock handle and protective vinyl strip. Rigid “I” beam base rails help keep the brake calibrated, reducing the need to make adjustments. A full loop handle ensures a uniform bend along the entire piece. Non-marring vinyl strip protects metal while being bended. Full loop handle allows for straighter, more even bends.

Rental Rate:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $80


John Deere Backhoe with loader - digs 74" deep

This 4-wheel John Deere backhoe with loader features a high-back tractor seat and easy-to-use 2-lever controls, for safe and easy for operation all day long. This Backhoe has a tapered valve control covering, which allows for maximum leg room and great visibility into the trench being dug.

Rental Rates:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a)

     with 8 hrs. on the meter - $250

Backhoe Safety


Boring Machine

The “Prairie Dog” Model 500 allows a single operator to bore holes up to 5 inches in diameter, in lengths of up to 30 feet. This model is a versatile boring machine designed to be inexpensive to operate and requires little maintenance.

Rental Rate:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $190

Boring Machine

Information Pamphlet

Bucket Lift

Bucket Lift - 45' working height

Our 45 foot trailer mounted bucket is a 45 foot articulating trailer mounted bucket lift that has a 51 ft working height and a maximum 27 ft outreach. The lift weighs 4800 pounds. The 45' trailer boom lift can be towed by a standard half-ton pickup truck using a 2" towing ball. The lift can be powered by it's internal battery pack or by plugging into a standard 110v outlet or generator. The self leveling feature allows set up to be complete in less than 30 seconds. Maximum weight capacity is 450 pounds including all personnel, tools, equipment, and supplies.

Rental Rate:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $260

Bucket Lift Safety


Demonstration Video

of the 45' Bucket Lift

TM34 - Trailer Mounted Bucket Lift - 40' working height

The TM34 is a robust and versatile trailer mounted cherry picker. It has retractable axles that allow it to pass through a 3ft 7in wide opening or doorway giving better access to applications.

Operation is quick, easy, and precise due to reliable fully proportional controls and its versatile battery power pack enables the TM34 trailer mounted cherry picker to work inside and outside quietly and with zero emissions.

The TM34 trailer mounted cherry picker is a fast, cost effective, and safe alternative to ladders and scaffolds.

Rental Rate:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $275

Demonstration Video

of the TM34

Carpet Cleaner

Carpet Extractors provide quick, efficient cleaning of carpeted areas, upholstery, and fabric covered surfaces, utilizing solution sprayers, scrub brushes, and powerful wet vacuums to achieve fast, professional results.

Rental Rate:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $40

Carpet Knee Kicker

The 10-412-2 Deluxe Knee Kicker is Roberts’ most popular knee kicker and has been the “industry standard” for over 25 years. Trigger assembly easily adjusts the length from 17-Inch to 21-Inch and the superior die cast aluminum body is lightweight and durable. Features an exclusive non-slip checkered hand grip and a foam-filled seamless bumper pad for extra comfort.

Rental Rate:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $17

Carpet Stretcher Kit

The Crain single case carpet stretcher kit design has wheels for easy transport and comes with all the power stretcher components. This carpet stretcher kit holds the driving head, folding tail block, transfer tube section, 3 extension tubes and one auto-lock tube.

Rental Rate:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $36

Caster - 20 Ton

These casters are the best choice for all purpose moving. Steel Rollers provide maximum durability and can handle extended resting loads and even permanent installation. They excel in applications with rough or uneven floors. They are the ultimate workhorse.

Rental Rate:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $55

Cement Mixer

By renting a concrete mixer, you can achieve the perfect mix of concrete for your next project (same quality as ready-mix concrete).

A concrete mixer works the concrete mix and water placed in its drum. You can then pour the mixed concrete directly into the form or use something to transport it to the job site.

Our 6 Cubic Foot Mixer has an 8 hp Honda Gas Engine.

Electric Mixer Rental Rate:

     25 hrs. or weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $65

Gas Mixer Rental Rate:

     25 hrs. or weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $90

Ceramic Tile Saw

A ceramic tile saw is necessary to make certain cuts in tile, granite, marble, and other stone products. Most ceramic tile saws have diamond blades. These saws cut ceramic tile very easily because the saw blade is cooled by water. The cuts are dust-free, and very smooth.

All of our saws come with a stand pump and diamond blade. We have saws that will cut 4" to to 36" cut.

Rental Rate Starting At: (Several Sizes Available)

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p-Mon. 9a) - $50 to $85

Tile Saw

Demonstration Video

Chain Saw

Chainsaws can be used around the house for tree pruning, storm cleanup, cutting firewood, felling trees, and even creating rough carpentry projects such as fences, fence posts, and others. Chainsaws are available with a wide variety of bar lengths and engine power, including electric and gasoline-powered models.

The saws are basically available in three sizes:

- mini or light-duty (30-40 cc) with bar length 12-14"

- mid-size (40-60 cc) with bar length 16-24"

- heavy-duty (60-120 cc) with longer bars of various length

Rental Rate for 18" Chain Saw:

     5 hrs - $26

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $53

Rental Rate for 20" Chain Saw:

     5 hrs - $45

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $65

Husqvarna Chain Saw

Instructional Video

Chicken Plucker

The table top Chicken Plucker machine features a unique protective grill which separates the revolving drum from the 28 rubber picking fingers. Completely removes all feathers from chickens, as well as turkeys, guinea, and pheasant... in as little as 30 seconds. Fowl must be scalded in water 145-150 degrees. Just hold the fowl against the revolving rubber fingers. Protective grill prevents fowl from being pulled away from you.

Rental Rate:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $35

Circular Saw - 16 5/16 inch

The Makita 16-5/16 in. Circular Saw is powered by a 15 Amp motor with 2200 RPM and has a large cutting capacity to easily handle large beams, timber, and pressure-treated lumber. This powerful circular saw cuts 6 times material at 90° and 4 times material at 45° in a single pass. Loaded with features for comfortable and convenient use, including a shaft lock for quick blade changes, a large depth control lever for secure adjustments and an oversized trigger handle.

Rental Rate:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $70

Concrete Buggy

This 16 cubic feet power buggy makes it easy to move concrete, mud, gravel, and dirt over tough job sites. It can be used for concrete spot pouring and spread dumping, removal of debris, landscaping, and distribution.

Rental Rate:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $165

Concrete Bull Float

A bull float tool is ideal for finishing wet concrete surfaces by leveling ridges which produces a smooth surface. Use to cover large areas of concrete to level and smooth surfaces prior to your final finishing. Bull floats provide a smoother finish than wood. This bull float kit includes two handles.

Rental Rate:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $25

Concete Saw

Cut-off Concrete Saw:

Rent this hand-held concrete saw for cutting overhead or through walls. In addition to concrete, they also can cut stone, asphalt, and steel. These concrete saws commonly use 16" blades for making 4" to 8" cuts.

Rental Rate:

     5 hrs - $68

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $92

Electric Cut-off Concrete Saw:

The best of both worlds - cut wet or dry!  This electric saw has a water feed system and a vacuum dust port.  The C14 is light weight and powerful.  At only 18 lbs, this saw will get the work done.  Great for cutting all types of materials, including: block, pavers, concrete, asphalt, brick, and other masonry applications.

Rental Rate:

     5 hrs - $55

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $85

Street or Walk-behind Concrete Saw:

Also referred to as a pavement saw, this rental concrete saw works well for cutting concrete floors or pavement. Power options include electricity, air, gas, diesel, and propane. Walk-behind concrete saws come in manual models that often use 14" to 16" blades.

Rental Rate:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) -

          14 inch - $89

          16 inch - $100


When you rent a concrete saw, make sure to pick up the proper accessories, such as blades, personal protective equipment, two-cycle engine oil, filters, etc. Diamond blades work well for concrete demolition work, but some applications require specialty blades. Many rental stores offer these accessories for your convenience.

Concrete Vibrators

These portable, lightweight, and easy-to-carry concrete vibrators come with a shoulder pack for extra convenience and has a waterproof switch. Concrete vibrators help consolidate concrete and reduce the number of air pockets inside the concrete mass. We have models that range from 7-14 feet.

Rental Rate:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p-Mon. 9a) - $50

Construction Heater

Portable Construction Heaters provide fast, efficient heat for contractors. Units are also great for emergency thawing of frozen pipes and a variety of drying applications. 100,000 - 210,000 BTU

Rental Rate Starting At:

     25 hrs. - $35

Core Drill - Hand Held

This unit is designed to be a easy portable drill for hand drilling. It has a water hose assembly with metal fittings and hardware for "wet" drilling including a level on the side for precision drilling. The two-gear rotary speed is designed for drilling different size holes and is fitted with a safety clutch. It also features an automatic hold down switch for comfort.

Rental Rates:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $70

Deck Screw Gun

Screw guns are ideal for decking, floor sheathing, underlayment and cement board. The right tool makes the installation of subfloor quick and easy. The powerful Simpson Quick Drive is designed for high-volume, high-speed screw applications. Remodelers, contractors and DlYers will appreciate the convenience of the 3300 rpm collated screw system, which increases productivity by eliminating the need for handling loose screws.

Rental Rates:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $36


This humidifer quickly removes excess moisture after leaks, up to 16 gallons per day and is equipped with automatic pump-out and 10-ft drain hose for less clean up and no container emptying. It features simple touchpad controls in 4 languages and is a convenient size for easy operation and transport.

Rental Rates:

     25 hrs. - $51

     Week - $200

Diamond Core Drilling Machine

Ideal for drilling holes in floors, walls, ceilings, and all concrete anchoring systems. Easy to use for fast drilling of reinforced concrete, concrete, and block. Core Diamond Bit Sizes - 512eg - 2", 3", 4 1/2" and 8".

Rental Rate:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $135

Diamond Core Drill

Instructional Video

Disc Harrow

Now you can disc up those areas that your tractor can’t get to with the King Kutter ATV Compact Disc. You can disc that new garden without leaving big tire tracks in the grass because this disc is made for use with a 4 – wheeler, garden tractor or subcompact tractor. Need to disc that wildlife plot that you put out in the woods? The King Kutter ATV Compact Disc can go wherever your 4 – wheeler can go.

Rental Rate:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $62

Dolly / Hand Trucks

Our Dollys / Hand trucks are Ideal for moving apartments, the best choice for moving boxes, appliances, furniture, and more. We have several sizes available.

Rental Rate Starting At:

     5 hrs. - $16

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $21

Drain Cleaning Equipment

Dependo Rent-All offers some of the finest snakes and drain maintenance tools in the industry. From hand-held to free-standing, We have the hard working tool for every drain clearing need.

     - Heavy duty machine for clearing tough stoppages and tree roots

     - Rugged steel frame with roll bars

     - Plated cage rides smoothly on roller bearings

     - Handle folds down and locks for storage/transport

     - 10" ball bearing wheels mounted on reinforced axle

     - 1/3 HP capacitor motor with thermal overload protection

     - Safety features include air-actuated foot pedal, ground fault interrupter, and safety  slip clutch

     - Flexicore cable has unequaled strength with the right flexibility

     - Includes 100 ft.x 3/4" cable for 3" to 6" lines

Rental Rate:

     5 hrs - $62

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $78

Easy Rooter

Instructional Video

Drywall Lifter

Sturdy and stable, this drywall panel lift lets you lift drywall and sheetrock without assistance. The sturdy welded steel construction holds single drywall panels up to 150 lbs. and lifts up to 11 ft. The drywall panel lift features an extendable tripod base for stability and smooth-rolling non-marring rubber casters that easily lock in place.

- Sheet Quantity Capacity - Single

- Load Rating - 150 lbs. (68kg)

- Maximum Height - 11' (335cm)

- Extensions options to reach up to 15' (457 cm)

- Loading Height - 34" (87cm)

- Net Weight - Approximately 100 lbs. (46kg)

Rental Rate:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $40

Drywall Lifter

Demonstration Video

Drywall Sander

A new and revolutionary sanding system for drywall, plaster, and other wall and ceiling materials, the new Porter Cable Drywall Sander enables workers to finish wall and ceilings 3-4 times faster than with conventional methods. Clean up time is minimized by the use of an external vacuum attached to the tool, and finish is superior to other finishing methods.

- Weighs only 8 lbs.

- Overall length - 62 inches (can sand 10' ceilings without using stilts or a scaffold)

- Patented foam-backed abrasive sanding pad design virtually eliminates swirl marks, and will not walk across the wall, for fast smooth sanding

- Brush-type skirt surrounds the sanding pad aiding in dust control

- Built-in dust collection connector features a unique swivel so that kinking or twisting of vacuum hose is eliminated for easier operation

- Variable speeds of 1000-1650 RPM adapt sanding pad speed to the application for better control of sanding operations.

- Powerful 3.5 Amp motor features serviceable brushes for less down time on job

- Standard equipment: Tool, 100-grit sanding pad, 13-foot static dissipating 1-1/4" vacuum hose, hook and loop straps for mounting power cord to vacuum hose, and operating manual.

Rental Rate:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $65

Drywall Sander

Demonstration Video

Duct Lift

Unmatched as a good all around contractor lift. This duct lift features a taller mast to reach desired work heights while requiring fewer mast sections.

- Stowed dimensions: 84"H X 31"W X 34"L

- Maximum Lift Height - 18 ft

- Capacity - 650 lb (300 kg)

- Rolls through standard doorways & tail gates

- Loading Bar - great for overhead cranes

- Reversible forks. Forks are 26" Long

Rental Rate:

     25 hrs. or Weekend (Fri. 4p - Mon. 9a) - $72

Dump Trailer

Dump Trailers are great for loading and hauling rock, sand, soil, etc. The lift bed quickly dumps all the material out, eliminating much of the physical demand and fatigue of manual loading/unloading. Size: 6 X 12 Feet

Rental Rate:

     25 hrs. - $165

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